Innovative Engineering that Works


To deliver quality information engineering services and products to public and private organizations.



To be the engineering services provider of choice for organizations with urgent, demanding, technical challenges.


Guiding Principles

  • To be forthright and honest in all business relationships
  • To strive to deliver the best possible services and products to our customers
  • To be a valued partner in all business endeavors
  • To encourage quality communications within our company
  • To never stop learning

Building for the Future

    We recognize that technology will never stop evolving, hence all systems must be built to be maintainable, scalable,  and upgradable at minimal cost over an extended lifecycle.

Our Principals of Quality Assurrance

    'Measure twice cut once', 'Do it right the the first time', 'Plan for Quality, Design in the Quality, Build with Quality, Test for Quality, and Deliver the Quality'


    Your work products have substantial value and your tools may be critical to your organization.  Designed in 'defense in depth' is a core feature of our development processes.  We are constantly learning and adopting the best practices in IT security to ensure your data and your tools will survive in tomorrow's threat environment.


    We are a registered Microsoft Partner.  This provides us with both extensive technical resources but also demands of us to provide our customers with technically sound solutions that comply with established best practices.